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When I learning source code of vue.js, I found it has a reactive data, you can trigger something if you change the reactive data, like do some state manage. so I'm wondering if python could do some interesting things like that.

Then I made Stora, means Storage and Reactive.

GitHub - Stora: A simple, reactive local storage library

Stora allows you to save dict to local extremely easily. There’s no need to manually open file and read, or save file after change your dict data — but nowadays, just editor the state, and Stora will automatically save for you!

You can use pip install stora to install Stora package from pypi.

Stora will save data as state.json in current working directory.

from stora import stora
apple = {"name": "Apple", "price": "10", "size": "small"}
s = stora(apple)
print(s.state) # {"name": "Apple", "price": "10", "size": "small"}

PS: You can also decide the filename and filepath.

s = stora(apple, filename='apple.json', filepath='~/.data/')

Now open state.json, you will see:

    "name": "Apple",
    "price": "10",
    "size": "small"

If change the s.state, you will find state.json also changed!

s.state["name"] = "Banana"
s.state["price"] = "20"

Data in state.json

    "name": "Banana",
    "price": "20",
    "size": "small"